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Pregnancy J-Empathy Mapping

Over several years and several different product teams, The Bump conducted extensive research on users' needs throughout their pregnancy journey. When I joined the team, the research was scattered across many different documents and people, some of whom had moved teams or were no longer at the company. The purpose of the J-Empathy mapping project was to download and synthesize all the existing knowledge & research in one single-day workshop.

I compiled quotes from a past diary study to help frame the mindset of each month before mapping. Since pregnancy is a deeply personal experience that varies widely based on age, household income, occupation, etc., a user persona was used to help focus the group.

The final result after many, many post-it notes later, was a large journey map of every aspect of pregnancy. The product team then used the map to identify gaps and plan experiments. Product nerdery at its finest :)

image credit: O’reilly Media

image credit: O’reilly Media